Cyberschools Columns

These articles, written & researched by Media Matters,
were first published in The Herald newspaper between 1997 - 2000.
They illustrate how the internet developed during that period. Many of the points are still surprisingly valid.
However, it should be noted that links within the text of the articles may now be out of date.

Introduction to the Internet
Four Good Reasons for Connecting to the Internet

Through A Mouse

Modern Languages
Explore the World Without Leaving School

Modern Studies
I Wonder Why it's Party Tme on the Web

Business Studies
The Language of Business

E-mail in the Curriculum
Reaching the Parts Other Media Can't

Media Studies
The Net reveals the Secrets of the Media

Schools Online
Online Evidence of Pupils' Abilities

Sites for Keen Eyes

Art & Design
Designs on the Curriculum

English & Communication
Shakespeare in Love with Cyberspace

Home Economics / Hospitality
Catering for Health

Physics in Motion

Where in the Wide World?

ICT in Media Studies
ICT Matters