Media Matters specialises in supporting Scottish schools as they implement Curriculum for Excellence and in working in partnership with leading Scottish professionals, encouraging the effective use of technology in the curriculum, providing continuing professional development, and creating educational resources.

Media Matters recently published a new poetry collection by George Wyllie, known to many because of his Straw Locomotive and Paper Boat.

Some serious, Some not, Some not even that was launched at this year's Aye Write! book festival.

It is available at a new exhibition of George Wyllie's work at the Rig Arts Gallery which also opened on 1st September, as well as online at the Whysman Festival site and on Amazon.

Advance Information sheet now available for download.

'The Willie Rodger Gallery' features the final prints which pupils produced during an initiative involving nine schools, from eight local authorities, as they worked with Scotland's leading printmaker. The initiative was a joint venture between Media Matters and Willie Rodger. A full report about the work of the schools was published in TESS and The Herald also reported the event. Aberdeen City's Education ICT Team has details on its blog, 'Jist Haiverin'. For further details about the 'In the Hands of WIllie Rodger' DVD & CD-ROM see Curriculum Materials.

'The Liz Lochhead Collection' features the final poems which pupils produced during an initiative involving a further nine schools, from nine local authorities, as they learned how to develop skills in writing poetry, working together online. The initiative was a joint venture between Media Matters and Liz Lochhead, Scottish Makar.

Curriculum for Excellence in Action...

Joined Up Learning, an initiative involving all secondary schools in East Dunbartonshire, saw Curriculum for Excellence implemented across subjects, across year groups and across schools as pupils and staff work together creatively, supported by professionals in each context.

Building on the earlier initiatives, Media Matters co-ordinated the collaboration of an English class in each of the nine schools as they worked with Liz Lochhead to develop skills in writing poetry. Pupils in an Art & Design class in each school were then commissioned to illustrate the poems which had been written by the English classes. These poems and prints have now been published in paperback anthologies and are being marketed and sold by a third group of pupils in Business Education classes or enterprise groups in each school. The pupils are operating as social enterprises with net profits being allocated to a range of charities.

TESS explainsthe reactions of teachers and pupils.

Arts journalist, Jan Patience descibes the initiative on her blog. (on the page scroll down to 'The Colour of Joined Up Learning')

Curriculum Share is an online area being developed where schools can share videos demonstrating and evaluating ways in which they are implementing Curriculum for Excellence. It includes related Facebook and Twitter pages.

Media Matters also produced the 'Learn to Listen' series, addressing listening in order to respond to text at various levels.

Key partnerships have included the creation of Assess The Herald, produced in association with The Herald; the iMovie 5-14 CD-ROM, produced in association with Apple Education; the SCETNet series, produced in association with LTScotland; and the Studio 8 CPD CD-ROM, produced with support from Pinnacle.


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