Internet 1

National Certificate Module 8260005

The Internet 1CD-ROM has been designed to address the learning outcomes of the above module. There are five levels within the CD, each one addressing a different learning outcome.

Each level works in a similiar way but the content is very different.
The Movies
The movies are always the best place to start. They give a quick overview of the particular learning outcome. Later, students can look at them as a quick reminder but not all of the answers are in the movies. There's lots of information in the hypertext.
The Hypertext
The hypertext has all the details. All the knowledge needed for assessment can be found in the hypertext. It's the "course book".
The Simulations
The simulations demonstrate how to use the different facilities. If students forget how to use the Web, e-mail or FTP they can always go back and view the relevant simulation. It's like having a personal tutor always on call.
The Quizzes
In each quiz, students are asked to answer ten questions but there are actually fifty possible questions for each level so they won't get the same questions every time. It's not that easy!

If a question is answered wrongly students are returned to the hypertext so they can learn the correct answer. It'll be highlighted in red. Then they can click on the quiz to continue. A score of 8 /10 is needed to gain access to the next level.

On quitting the program students are given a new password based on the chapter they have reached. They can also go to the support Web site for related information and hyperlinks.

Educational users can buy the CD in packs of five and at a discount of more than 50%. The following prices are only valid for those working in education.

Prices are exclusive of VAT and UK Postage and Packaging (£2.50).

The educational licence for the Internet 1 CD-ROM allows use by all staff and students from the purchasing educational establishment. The CD may be used on any Mac or PC within the establishment and staff and students may also use the CD-ROM on home computers.

The Internet 1 CD-ROM was developed by the Greater Easterhouse Development Company and Integrated Media Services. The course content was written by Media Matters.