Internet 1 Online Activities

It will be most effective if you have made it through the quiz in chapter two before continuing.
Please read this page before you go to any other sites.

Your first task as you surf today is to go to the Media Matters Site
When you have read the homepage, click on the Herald Column link. This will take you to articles from The Herald. Select one, read through it and try some of the hyperlinks. If you are a teacher in a primary school or pre-5 centre the e-mail article is probably the most relevant.
When you have explored the links in the article, use the Go menu to get back to the Media Matters site. This time follow the hyperlink to the media links and try some surfing from there.
Come back to this page later - you should bookmark it now- and try some of the following education links.
Scottish Virtual Teachers Centre
Schools Online

When you have exhausted these sites, use a search engine to research a topic of your own choice. Try using one of the ones below.