Internet 1 Online Activities

It will be easier if you completed chapter 3 before continuing with this page.
Please read this page before you go to any other sites.
Your first task is to send an e-mail message which will be your evaluation of the CD-ROM so far.
Before you do that you will have to set the Preferences for your e-mail. If using Netscape 3.0 pull down the Options menu and select Mail and News Preferences.
Click on the Composition tab. Select the facility which enables you to store outgoing mail in a Sent folder. You will always have a copy of messages which you have sent.
Click on the Server tab. Make sure you have a relevant server named in this box. (smtp stands for simple mail transfer protocol). If your Internet account was, for example, with Netcomuk you would enter in this box.
For the incoming server you would type in This is where messages being sent to you are stored until you pick them up. You must have a server name in this box in order to receive e-mail.
The user ID should be the name you selected when you opened your account. It would be the same as the part before the @ in your e-mail address e.g.
Click on the Identity tab. Put in your name, e-mail address and the address to which you want people to reply. These details will appear on all of your messages without you having to do anything further.
You might also want to create a signiture or message which appears at the foot of every message you send. To do this create your message in SimpleText or Notepad. Type the message and save it. You could also create and save it in, for example, Claris, saving it as TEXT rather than the usual Claris option. Give your saved file the name of signat.doc and put it in a folder.
Return to the Identity tab. Where it says Signature, select file and when you find your signature document, double click. The message which you created will now appear on every e-mail message which you write.
Click OK to close the Mail and News Preferences. Setting your Preferences like this will only have to be done when you were starting to use e-mail.
Usually you would just have to do the following:
Pull down the Netscape Windows menu and select Netscape Mail.
Click on "Get:mail" to pick up any messages. You will need your password at this point.
Click on "To:Mail" to send a message.

Now send your comments about the CD in an e-mail message to the following address:
Put "Initial Evaluation Comments" as your subject and type your comments in the main box.
When you are ready to send it. Press "Send Now".