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Are young people becoming more interested in music or is it a noise in the background?

Sixty-five percent of those asked said that they did other things while listening to music while only 4% stated that when they listened to music it got their full attention. But the figures suggest that young people are listening to music more than before, even if it is only in the background.

For girls it has risen to just under eight hours per week, 50 minutes from the 1988 survey. Boys now spend five hours with the CD or tape on, an hour and a half more than their predecessors in 1988.

For some the music is never off. Seven percent of girls say that they listen to more than 21 hours of music a week, while 4% of boys do likewise.

What are they listening to? Whether it's in the Highlands, the Central Belt or Argyll, 14% are listening to hours and hours of the Spice Girls. The group appeals equally to boys and girls and is the only named group to do so, although Rave music also crosses the gender divide with 11% of teenagers preferring it.

Oasis has the support of the boys and Boyzone wins the hearts of 14% of the girls. No boys in the survey named Boyzone as their favourite.

There was some variation from the norm and the surprises included Frank Sinatra, Jimi Hendrix, Classical and Country and Western being listed as favourites.

If the music goes on and on, some of it is coming from the radio. Girls are listening less than they were; boys are listening more. Given that 58% of those surveyed could be classified as within the Radio Clyde footprint it is hardly surprising that Clyde was named by 26% of all those surveyed as their favourite radio station. Within Clyde's own area the figure rises to 44%.

The only other station which received a significant mention was Atlantic . It was the favourite of 19%. The survey was conducted before Chris Evans left the BBC but even so, in Scotland Radio 1 only attracted 10% of all youngsters. Only in Highland was it the most popular station. The days when "National" Radio 1 was all powerful seem to have long passed. BBC Scotland does not target young teenagers and the station was barely mentioned.

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