Poster ©Parallax Pictures/ Artificial Eye. Reproduced with permission.

  Analysing Images  

The image used on the poster shows young volunteers in action in the 1936 Spanish Civil War.
What techniques emphasize that the moment is caught "mid-action"?

The source of light helps to emphasize the expressions on the men's faces. How?

The image is almost a sepia reproduction. Why do you think it has been printed in this way?

How does the composition suggest that one of the men is a more important figure?
What else separates him from the others?

The poster looks like a torn wall poster. What effect does this have?

  Analysing Text  

The poster is tinted in red and the title text is in red. Why? What are the connotations of red?

Comment on the choice of upper case lettering for the title text.

The letters A, N and M have been extended and given sharp edges. What effect does this have?
Why has it been done?

Consider the choice of words at the top of the poster. How do these words reinforce the image of the poster?

Some of the text has been printed in white. Why do you think this colour was chosen?


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