Tutorial 1 - Basic Web Page Creation


Creating a page:

Double click on the Pagemill icon.


Give your page a suitable title.

The title will appear in the top bar of the Web browser, not on the actual page. When a page is bookmarked or stored as favourit the title is be used for reference .

Deciding on colours:

Using the "Inspector" window decide on the following colours:

Body Text - a colour for the text which you include on the page (Do not select blue as it is often used for links.);

Background - for this task select white for the page background;

Normal links - select a colour for links which is different to your text colour (blue is often used for links);

Active links - select a colour for links while they are being clicked on;

Visited links -a colour for links which the reader has visited. This means the reader can see that a link has already been visited.


Saving the page:

Save the page by pulling down the File menu and choosing the Save Page option from.

In this activity, save it as imovie.html

NOTE: This is the name of the file. It is the name that appears in Web page addresses. Page names used as addresses should end in either .html or .htm (This is different from the page title which appears in the browser bar and is merely a description.)



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