Tutorial 1 - Basic Web Page Creation


Adding Text:

Give your page a suitable heading.

This could be placed in the middle column of the first row in the table which would put it in the middle of the page and at the top.

When you have typed the text, highlight it so that you can make further choices.


You can increase the size of the heading by using the up arrow.


You can align the heading to the right, left or centre of the box.


You can make the heading bold or italics. (Do not underline it as this confuses it with the convention of underlining links.)


You can change the colour of the text in the heading.



The same steps can be folowed for any text which you add to the page.

Decide which boxes of the layout table you wish to use for text.

Click the cursor in your chosen box and type in your text.

Use the tools which you use for your heading to select alignment, size and style.



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