Tutorial 1 - Basic Web Page Creation

Adding Links to other Web pages:

Web pages should always include links to other relevant Web pages. It's the essence of the Web that pages inter-connect.

In this activity you might add a link to the Scotsys Web site which is at:



 To create the link :

Highlight the words which will be the link.

 Then click on the word "Link" at the bottom right-hand side of the frame.

Type http://www.scotsys.co.uk into the empty box.

Click on "Make WWW link".




Links to other Files:

It is also possible to link to documents such as Acrobat PDF documents which readers can then download.

The way of linking to a document is very similar to the way in which a link to another Web page is created.

Highlight the text or graphic which is to be the link.

Then click on Link at the bottom right of the frame.

Locate the document which is to be linked and click on Link to.




For users of the Web to see documents, the documents, as well as the Web pages, must be stored on the Web server. It is useful to keep documents together in one folder called, for example, "pdfs".



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