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Inservice training on digital editing is available on for both Mac and PC on CD-ROM format.

The CD-ROM includes a tutorial which is divided into six sections. These could be used in inservice training, for example during three two-hour sessions. They could also be used effectively by teachers working through the material on their own.

 In working through the tutorial, teachers will:

1. create a video advertisement to a brief from supplied video footage

2. use digital editing software to select, order and crop the shots

3. use digital editing software to add transitions, effects and titles to the advertisement

4. use digital editing software to add sound effects, music and narrative voice-over to the advertisement

5. use digital editing software to export video footage

6. use digital editing software to import video footage

Working to a brief, the Studio 8 CPD CD-ROM allows the user to develop skills in digital video editing, by producing a short video advertisement.

There is no need to shoot any video footage in order to create the advertisement. All of the video clips required to complete the task are included.


Studio 8 CPD is only available to UK educational establishments.

It can be supplied with a single-user licence at £40.00, ex VAT.

An upgrade to site licence is also available at £99.00, ex VAT.

Face-to-face inservice courses can also be provided for local authorities and schools.

DV editing training can also be provided on the Mac, using iMovie.

To request details about site licence costs or for further information, e-mail


NOTE: The Studio 8 CPD CD-ROM is designed to be completed using the Studio 8 editing program which must already be installed before the tutorial can be undertaken. Studio 8 is made by Pinnacle Systems.


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